Thursday, January 22, 2015

blog post 1


I have heard a lot of things about this course, most of them were bad. I heard from fellow students that the course was a waste of time and it was way too much work for nothing. I fear that these things are true and that I will fail in this course, if I can’t move as quickly as other people do.  The course EDM 310 compared to my other classes that I am currently taking is completely different. The classes I am taking now do a lot less work and takes up a lot less of my time. My other courses it was not independent, because you had a teacher to guide you through it and I do not think it is going to be the same in this course. I cannot tell at the moment if this is a good or bad thing. I hope to learn new things and become a bit more technologically inclined than I already am. I believe the most difficult thing that I will encounter in the class is the amount of work and time. I can definitely take the time out for this course, but I am still scared that I will lose everything by failing in this class. I can try and take each assignment and do it at my own pace and get it in on time. My questions for EDM 310 are always answered before I even think to ask them.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Practice blog post 1

  • Who am I?

          I have hobbies like bowling, playing pool and others. I enjoy going shopping and hanging out with my friends and family. I had a stroke when I was 12 that made me lose the use of my left side. I don’t like being different and looked at like there is something wrong with me. I was in special education from the third grade and I still have trouble to this day. I am not an example that this education system works because it is not correct at all and if I could I would change it all. Children should be allowed to learn on computers but not through social media, there are too many bad and false things out there and children should not be shown that direction of learning. I believe children need to actually be taught and not just handed an assignment and that actually goes all the way to college. I believe if you want someone to learn something on a serious note, then you should teach them but not only in the way had you thought it should be done. I was made fun of through most of my years in school weather it was my weight, handicapped, reading disability or just anything a kid could find what was wrong with me. I’m not your average student and because of that I have to work twice as hard as everyone else to succeed and hopefully one day it will pay off. My neice and nephew are my world. I have alot of cousins and thats not me just saying that, I have at least 60 cousins and thats on my dads side. I have one big sister and one big brother and a younger brother. My grandmother took over being my mom when I was 9 due to the death of my mom and my dad not being around., but thats enough about my family.




  • Why do I want to be an educator?

 I want to show children that even someone with disabilities can make something of themselves and if the work hard and don’t let ignorant people get them down then they can be successful. 


  • What does an educator do in his or her practice?

 They teach children and help develop their minds.



  •  What are my passions?

I want to be successful. I have a passion for traveling and not really much else.